As a business professional and investor, I have learned that great documentation and accounting are everything. The very act of taking notes and keeping impeccable records brings one closer to their goal. One of my goals in life (and my family’s too) is adding as much value as possible to the lives of others. We truly care about making this world a better place.

For that very reason, I decided to launch Lopuch.org, documenting my family’s favorite charities and our track record of donations. It’s my plan that creating and updating this very website will propel our legacy of charitable contributions to new heights.

Ian here, on the bench we donated to our local park.

Introducing Ian Lopuch and Family


My name is Ian Lopuch. I’m an investor, businessman, husband, father, Christian, and philanthropist. I have a firm belief that I was placed on this Earth to do great things, and to help others. Even though I’m already successful in business and investing, I strive each and every day to be even more successful. One of my driving forces: The more I can earn, the more my family and I can contribute to our favorite charities. Just as all businesses want to see their revenue and earnings “up and to the right”, I want to see the same for our charitable contributions. My family and I have big hearts and we take great pride in helping others.

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Charities That We Care About

While we care about so many different charities, this section highlights a few of our favorites. Following are some of the charities that truly capture our hearts.

Fender Music Foundation

Music is an amazing force. Music teaches, music motivates, and music heals. A musician in one part of the world can write a song that changes the life of someone on the other side of the world! Music connects. From a personal standpoint, great music has fueled my success. It gives me the motivation to push myself further, every single day.

Unfortunately, I’m concerned about the future of music. These days, music programs (and the arts in general) are underfunded. Schools have trouble providing instruments and training to aspiring musicians. Fender Music Foundation, an amazing program, solves this very problem by providing instruments to those aspiring musicians and programs in need. Fender Music Foundation has emerged as one of my favorite charities, one that my family and I contribute to monthly.

Second Harvest Food Bank

My favorite charities are those that solve challenges in one’s local community. In my local community (the San Francisco Bay Area), the cost of living is overwhelming. The high cost of living, unfortunately, has made it very difficult for many individuals and families to keep food on the table. Second Harvest Food Bank is an amazing charity that provides food to those in need. Nobody should go hungry, and Second Harvest Food bank is solving this challenge one meal at a time. We really enjoy contributing to this program that makes such a great impact in our own community.

History of Donations

Now, it’s time for the fun part. Below, please find a history of our charitable contributions. This list only goes back to August, 2016, because that’s when I started keeping a detailed journal of contributions and related notes. In the future, I may go back in time and backfill important previous donations as time permits. I see charity as a spiritual event, and I always have something going through my mind each time I make a donation. Check out the notes column below for personal insights each time we give.

Date Charity Amount Notes
11/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00 This holiday season, I pray that The Fender Music Foundation helps more under-funded music programs than ever before.
11/7/17 Life Moves Redwood City $1,000.00 (est.) Now that I've lost weight, my clothes no longer fit. Having amassed a beautiful wardrobe of designer clothes (mainly for work), I want these clothes to go to great use. I pray that these clothes help the residents of LifeMoves thrive during their job interviews, feeling confident and empowered. I pray that LiveMoves residents feel a sense of joy wearing these clothes, and experience incredible growth in their lives.
10/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00 I pray that someone decides today to pursue music as a career. I pray that our donation to The Fender Music Foundation makes their dreams possible!
9/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00 I pray that someone experiences life-changing inspiration from music today!
9/3/17 Victims of Hurricane Harvey $50.00 I pray that those affected by Hurricane Harvey rebuild their communities, thrive, and enjoy amazing lives. I especially pray for the children affected by this hurricane.
8/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00 I pray that our ongoing donations to The Fender Music Foundation provide musical instruments to young, aspiring musicians who otherwise could not afford to practice their art. I pray that their music shapes the lives of many.
8/10/17 The Buckley School $200.00 Reflecting upon my high school days, I was so blessed to attend this wonderful school. I pray that this donation helps faculty with underfunded projects in the arts.
8/10/17 Second Harvest Food Bank $100.00 I pray that this donation helps families and kids in the Bay Area enjoy a delicious meal, one that brings hope and strength.
8/10/17 The Stanford Fund $200.00 A pivotal time in my life, I had the honor of attending Stanford University. I pray that this donation helps someone attend Stanford who would not otherwise be able to afford tuition. I pray this money helps someone be a “first” from their entire family to attend college.
7/25/17 San Jose Restoration Church $20.00 I met a nice gentleman in The Home Depot parking lot who was cured from addiction thanks to San Jose Restoration Church and the healing power of Jesus Christ. I immediately donated and pray this Church keeps doing great work in our community.
7/25/17 Musicians on Call $500.00 Music truly has the power to heal. I pray that this donation gives Musicians On Call the funds to visit a multitude of hospital rooms. I pray that the music cheers up the patients and opens up the road to recovery.
7/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
6/30/17 Building A Solid Foundation $20.00 Met a nice lady downtown today who was fundraising for Build A Solid Foundation. This non-profit provides shelter to those in need, in the City of Oakland and other surrounding areas. I pray that our contribution provides shelter to someone in need.
6/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
5/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
4/13/17 SSA Scholarship Fund $150.00 Working in the self storage industry, I contributed to the Self Storage Association College Fund. I pray that this donation helps someone in our industry be a “first” to attend college out of their entire family. I pray this donation helps someone attend who could not otherwise afford college.
4/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
4/6/17 Homeless Man $20.00 I met a nice homeless man at Shell Gas Station. I pray that this money buys him a nice meal, and lifts his spirits.
3/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
2/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
1/12/17 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
12/20/16 Second Harvest Food Bank $200.00 I pray that this donation helps multiple families enjoy a nice Christmas meal.
12/12/16 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
11/7/16 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
10/7/16 Musicians On Call $100.00
9/1/16 Make-a-Wish
48-Hour Ride
$100.00 I pray that my friend and his team find success in their 48-hour bike ride raising money and awareness for children in need.
8/29/16 MJ Go Fund Me $200.00 I pray that my high school classmate has a successful surgery and a full recovery. I pray that I can also help raise awareness for his cause.
8/16/16 Fender Music Foundation $100.00
8/16/16 The Stanford Fund $200.00

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